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Our Team

As you will see we are a small family owned and operated business with each one of us participating in the success of our business.  We desire to defend our 2nd ammendment rights and provide our community with a firearms dealer they can trust.

Tyler W. Hill, M.A., CFI


Tyler W. Hill, M.A CFI has a love of firearms and our 2nd ammendment rights. What started out as a hobby has turned into an add-on career to his already successful legal support services firm. Customer priority and satisfaction is Tyler's main objective. Tyler's favorite gun is his competition pistol the STI Matchmaster chambered in 9mm. Tyler is also an active reloader. Tyler is a husband of 24 years and a father of 3 girls. He loves competitive pistol shooting and is a pilot in his spare time. He is also an active genealogy researcher.

Amy S. Hill, J.D.

Legal Counsel

Amy S. Hill, J.D. is a practicing attorney and litigator in Missouri and Kansas. She is very familiar with our 2nd ammendment rights and also state gun laws including concealed carry laws. Although Amy is not employed by KCMO Firearms she does play a vital role in our success by providing legal advice and document review. Although Amy does not actively shoot, but when she gets a chance she never says no. Amy's favorite gun is the S&W M&P 9mm and S&W M&P.22.

Kara Hill

Jr. Administrative Assistant

Kara Hill serves as our company's Jr. Administrative Assistant. Don't be fooled by her age. She is a nationally recognized writer and A+ student. Although she is not a gun enthusiest she enjoys working for her father and getting paid to do it.

Kalista Hill

Sales Associate

Unlike her sister Kara, Kalista is a gun enthusiest and has no fear of anything firearm related. She is an active member of the USPSA and shoots a Glock 17 Race Gun. She also loves .22 caliber pistols and anything AR-15 related.  Kalista can be found working the guns shows answering questions, processing paperwork and sharing her knowledge of firearms.

Teagan Hill

Assistant Jr. Administrative Assistant

Teagan helps out mostly by keeping us company, making us laugh, and providing the kind of assistance that any 8 year old would. Although Teagan has not started shooting sports, she is being educated in everything related to firearms and will soon get a gun placed in her hands. Although she doesn't tell anyone we can see that she has her eyes on Kalista's .22 1911 race gun.

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