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You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions
Is An FFL License Required For  Firearm Purchases?

Yes!  All firearms for sale through our internet site requires an FFL dealers license to receive a firearm or AR-15 lower.   The process is really simple.  Purchase a firearm through our internet site and have an FFL dealer of your choice send to our office a copy of their FFL license.  We will then verify the license and promptly ship the firearm to your FFL dealer for transfer.  Please be aware that your FFL dealer may charge for this service.  KCMO Firearms cannot be responsible for fees assessed by your chosen FFL dealer.  Once your firearm reaches your FFL dealer the return policy set forth by KCMO Firearms will be strictly adhered to. 

Which Gun Should I Buy?

If you ask 10 experienced gun owners this question you will get 10 different answers. We are happy to help in your selection.  However, since most firearm purchases are for a lifetime we recommend researching prices and any available reviews before making your purchase.

How do you choose your selection of firearms and parts?



We research long and negotiate with many suppliers to come up with our selections of firearms, parts and accessories. We believe in quality products, and although we do carry a line of less expensive items that appeal to customers that don't want to spend a lot of money.  Many of our suppliers are exactly the same as many other dealers across the country.

Do I have to pay tax?

Only if you are a Missouri resident. Otherwise no tax will be collected on items sold. However, on firearm purchases we cannot control what your FFL dealer charges when they transfer the gun. Make sure that you understand all transfer protocol with your chosen FFL dealer. KCMO firearms will not be responsible for your chosen FFL dealer's policies.

Does KCMO Firearms Assemble Firearms?

Another good Question?  The short answer is no.  Due to Federal laws and local regulations we do not get involved in the manufacturing of completed firearms. We are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your own AR-15 builds.

What Is The Best Caliber For Pistols?

This is the 2nd most common question we get.  Again, ask 10 gun owners and you will get 10 different answers.  In our opinion each caliber has its own benefits.   We personally recommend the 9mm for many reasons, but we also love the .45 ACP as well if for nothing else its extreme knock down power.  Both are powerful rounds and provide the necessary power and capacity needed.   The .380 is a great load for concealed carry and will provide enough power to stop an attacker.  Many smaller concealed carry handguns come in the .380 caliber.  The .380 is recommended by us for concealed carry.  One of our personal concealed carry guns is a .32 caliber and we love it and trust it with our lives.

How reliable are your used firearms?

We don't sell firearms that are bad. Each used firearm we purchase goes through an inspections process and is test fired before we place it up for sale. Unless otherwise stated in the discription our customers can expect each and every firearm we sell to be a quality product.

Why don't you conduct transfers to the general public from your business address? 

Due to local regulations we do not sell firearms or other merchandise to the general public including firearm transfers from our business address.  

What About Shipping Charges?


Shipping charges are a nightmare for any small business. Every carrier seems to change rates rapidly and we do everything we can to keep up with current carrier charges. Many dealers inflate shipping charges to increase profits. However, KCMO Firearms does not inflate shipping charges for higher profits. We really try to keep prices on all of our products and shipping as low as possible to keep our customers coming back. If any customer ever has a problem with shipping charges we encourage them to contact us immediately. We do not want to lose a customer over shipping charges.



What Age Do You Recommend Teaching A Child To Handle and Shoot Firearms?

We get asked this question often believe it or not.  As mentioned in another Q&A if you ask 10 gun owners this same question you will probably get 10 different answers.  In our opinion this is a decision that has to be left up to each parent and not from our opinion.  With that said we believe that every responsible and law abiding citizen should know how to handle a firearm safely, and this includes children.  When I am confident that my children can safely handle a firearm I begin by teaching them basic safety skills and then we will take them to the range and teach them under extremely controlled situations.  As with anything practice makes perfect.  Children and adults alike must shoot a gun over and over again in order to become proficient.  Don't forget to secure your guns in a safe place away from children at all times.

What Parts Are Needed For An AR-15 Build?

  1. AR-15 lower receiver.

  2. AR-15 upper receiver.

  3. Lower receiver parts kit.

  4. Upper receiver parts kit.

  5. Lower receiver extension (aka: the buffer tube).

  6. Buffer.

  7. Buffer spring.

  8. Barrel & gas block/gas system (a carbine length gas system would be typical for this build).

  9. Handguards (length will depend on what length gas system you chose on your barrel: carbine, mid-length, or rifle).

  10. Bolt carrier group (carrier, bolt, firing pin, cam, extractor, ejector and spring).

  11. Collapsible (or fixed, if you prefer) buttstock.

  12. At least one magazine (be sure to check your state laws for magazine capacity limits). 

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